Peer who wants the retired to work for their pensions is a Sir Humphrey retired on £120k+ a year

Insanity of keeping Lords alive!!

The Slog.

This obviously very inspiring personality to the left here is Lord Bichard. He is a genuine, fully paid-up Sir Humphrey –  a career mandarin. Bichard was a permanent secretary in Whitehall, until his retirement at the age of 53 in 2001. His entire career has been spent in local Government and Whitehall as a civil servant, and then among the fat-cat quangoistas. He is one of the lucky recipients of a scam whereby circa 16,000 of his ilk had their pension entitlement doubled….but nobody was told, and thus there is no budget to fund it. Lord Bichard’s index-linked pension is in excess of £120,000 per annum. Last night, this man told the BBC that retired people should be encouraged to do community work….or face losing some of their pension.

While the official government estimate of public sector pension liabilities is £530 billion, an estimate using more realistic assumptions than the…

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