A News Update and Some Thoughts on the EU Referendum

Unity needed to defeat the rampant Neiliberals

Rupert Dreyfus

Greetings, folks.

As the story I’m writing develops, it’s becoming clearer to me that the central theme of my next novel, Broke, is inequality. More specifically the tables are going to turn and the downtrodden poor are going to rip off the extremely rich for once. I can’t express my disdain enough for neoliberalism and all the bile it spits out at us, and this novel is going to be my biggest boot up its arse to date. This disdain is the driving force behind pretty much everything I write and serves as a direct assault on a system which works exclusively for them as well as those reactionary mugs who defend it or who mindlessly stagger through each day in line with being an obedient citizen of the free world with predictable hairdos, tastes and opinions on just about everything.

On the flipside it’s reassuring to have discovered some…

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