A Right Eton Mess


I have always been fascinated by the occasional (and very peculiar) combination of the sort of narcissistic superiority which goes with being born into privilege and a certain defensive insecutiry which comes with landing a difficult job, secured through connections, rather than merit or ability. Our unelected PM appears to possess both conditions to such astonishing levels, that perhaps psychiatry ought to re-categorise Napoleon as suffering from a Cameron complex.

For some time, I have suggested that there is a deeply dark side to him, which goes beyond mere incompetence. Earlier today at PMQs his mask dropped for just a few moments and my fears were confirmed. What was revealed is worth some scrutiny.

And I am not talking only of his paleolithic, patronising dismissal of Angela Eagle – an MP of 20 years’ experience and the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury – with “Calm down, dear” (to the…

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