Smith, Corbyn & Jones

Blaming Corbyn etc






The summer of 2015 was a curious affair sandwiched in between complete dejection and utter optimism. My appetite for politics had long passed after the sell out of ‘New Labour’ during the early years of the Blair government. Its refusal to allow a new inquiry into Hillsbourgh, the Iraq war and its abandonment of its working class roots was enough to end my interest.  The following years only reinforced my decision as politics seemed to merge into some anchored uninspiring shade of grey called the middle ground. Gone were noble causes, ditched for some tepid, lukewarm careerist breed of politician more concerned with spin and popularity than the job of actually making peoples lives better. The only small crumb of comfort…. at least it wasn’t a Tory government. Having spent my teenage years and early 20’s knowing nothing else but Thatcher and her cronies, the bitter taste…

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