Foolish Farage

Tabloid Corrections


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been in The Daily Express again attempting to persuade its readership to vote OUT in the forthcoming European referendum (not that they take much convincing if the recent poll by the paper can be believed).

Mr Farage was up to his old tricks peddling misinformation to the masses. Here are six porky pies from the article.


This was the headline of Farage’s piece – something he’s been fond of asserting for a while now. It sounds a lot but actually works out at £20billion a year, approximately 2.5% of the annual budget.

But this is the gross figure i.e the amount paid in without accounting for any rebates, subsidiaries, etc. The fact-checking organisation Full Fact has analysed these figures and found that the net amount works out closer to £12billion a year (or…

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The Right-Minded View On The Prime Minister Battling For Britain At The EU Summit

Tongue firmly held in

A New Place Of Exile

Unlike the metropolitan elites, I, for one, applaud David Cameron’s efforts to strike a better deal for Britain in Europe. It is high time that somebody injected some realism into this discussion.

It is self-evident that Britain’s Prime Minister has played his hand more skilfully than some can bring themselves to admit. At one stroke, he has restored national pride, and re-invigorated British values, while quelling mutiny in the Parliamentary ranks, and bartering decisive concessions from the EUSSR bureaucrats (details to be announced on June 24th this year).

And that is but the first step. The hurdle has been crossed – and now Cameron can deliver on his patriotic pledges: first and foremost, establishing full control over our nation’s borders. This will be achieved by moving the British Isles no less than a half mile westward into the Atlantic; making it all but impossible for people to walk to Britain from France.


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Wow. Tory Party breaks out in open civil war within hours of Cameron announcing deal

Will this be headline news for weeks in Tabloids & Sky/BBC?
Hell no

Pride's Purge

There are so many Tory MPs openly arguing on various media about Cameron’s EU deal, it’s impossible to show all of it.

As an example, here are just some tweets from Tory MPs within the last few hours alone (click to enlarge):

tory civil war eu

Hate to tell you Cameron, but I think this is what they call civil war …

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Pride's Purge

Hunt shame timeline

In normal circumstances, openly calling for the dismantling of the NHS would usually exclude someone from being put in charge of it.

Not in Cameron’s cabinet.

In 2009 – before he became Secretary of State for Health – Jeremy Hunt co-wrote a book in which he called for the NHS to be broken up:

Top Tories call for NHS to be dismantled

Once he got the job you’d have thought Jeremy would have at least got to know something about the basics of health care, such as patient confidentiality.

Apparently not:

Jeremy Hunt ‘breached patient confidentiality’ by tweeting hospital picture

Just looking at the sheer number of scandals Jeremy Hunt has been involved in, it’s hard to understand how he’s managed to keep any position in the cabinet:

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Remembering Ten Year old Najeb, Shot Dead by western-backed Terrorists

Syria. A first hand view

In Gaza


A Syrian friend messaged me, his voice barely coherent in his grief, mourning the murder of his 10 year old cousin in al-Foua, northern Syria.

Eva, I lost my cousin today, in al-Foua. His name was Najeb Ahmad hallak. The terrorists killed him, he was just 10 years old. They shot him through his heart.

I hate this life, Eva.

Green-eyed Najeb was returning from school when sniped by western-backed “moderate” “rebels”. He was the youngest of the family.

There have been other murders of children and adults in al-Foua and Kafarya, a reported 300 since March 2015, and over 1700 since 2011, according to a resident, Dr Ali al-Moustafa, head of the sole hospital in al-Foua. Many were killed by terrorists’ mortars, rockets, missiles, hell-cannons and snipings.  Others, more recently, have succumbed to malnutrition, cold weather, a lack of medicines or medical care due to the prolonged terrorist siege…

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