“As I Please” Column for Tribune, 22nd January 2016: On David Bowie

He touched us
He was an indivudual who shared…

My Blog

Weirdly, the most difficult moment in the week following Davis Bowie’s death came when I tried to explain to someone in their thirties what Dial-a-Disc was.

Just like it seemed everyone else on earth, I was talking about the part Bowie had played in my life, this time to Rich, the archivist who’s spent the last couple of years bringing some order to over 30 years’ worth of my cartoons and drawings. And I was telling him how, because the BBC ran the UK’s only legal pop music station with an unbending adherence to a rigidly banal playlist, when I was 13 if I wanted to listen to “Hunky Dory” on demand – as we never said then – I had to ring up Dial-a-Disc. And I then had to explain how back then Britain’s state-owned Post Office operated the country’s entire telephone network – as well as providing all…

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