The #BBC, #HSBC & the Royal Charter – expect peak bias

Steve Topple at his best. BBC

Mr Topple

2016 marks 80 years since the BBC’s first Royal Charter expired – and the issues surrounding its decadal renewal in 9 months are as tempestuous as they have ever been.

The news Monday that “Auntie” will be campaigning for the over-75’s to voluntarily give up their free licence, in a bid by the organisation to rake back some of the £700 million it will incur in costs by 2020 (after the Government forced it to suck-up the expense of said licence), is symptomatic of an organisation in that is far-removed from its perceived glory days as a bastion of public service.

This uncomfortably cynical move by the organisation (knowing full well that the generation it’s targeting is undoubtedly likely to be more sympathetic to its woes) epitomises an organisation that is now more concerned for its own survival than one that should be putting its duty to the public first.

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The Thatcher Museum

Austerity My Arse !

This week it was again mooted that a museum be established to honour former PM.

The measure of any society, it is said, lies in how it looks after its poorest and most vulnerable members.  John Locke opined that when we decided that we wished to organise and call ourselves civilised, we had to abandon the rights we had against each other in our state of nature in order to live together without fear or destitution.  In effect, we subscribed to a form of  s ocial contract, a usually implicit agreement among the members of an organised society or between the governed and the government, defining and limiting the rights, duties and responsibilities of each.  This is how we secure mutual protection and welfare, ensuring that those who fall ill or become unemployed can be helped, keeping some semblance of their dignity intact.  Quite simply, we all pay into the…

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My Problem With The BBC

BBC pawns of Govt

The Busted Flush

Here in the UK the BBC is by far the biggest Broadcaster for both television and radio and consequently a great many people rely on the good ‘ol Beeb for their daily feed of news and ‘entertainment’.

Also, quite unusually, the BBC does not show any adverts at all so you can get to watch TV or listen to the radio without the usual non-stop stream of total bullshit being rammed down your throat.

This is where the problem lies…

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