A little friendly message to the 66

66 Labour MPs and Tabloid Journos

Greenacresensibles's Blog

The digital airwaves are full of it.

After a rollercoaster ride for some months now any Labour Party supporter or member will have had their screens filled with it.

The latest episode comes to my Facebook page via a former spin doctor and as usual consists of an article in a newspaper noted for its often relentless anti-Labour campaigning.

This particular contribution comes from a Labour MP who complains with some passion that the 66 Labour MPs who voted with the whipped Tories to inflict high explosive bombing on Syrian communities are subject to ‘bullying’ that has been ‘unusual in its intensity’.

Those of us who object to this futile gesture of machismo violence apparently ‘don’t really care about Syria’. To bomb is to care, it seems.

I may be a tad old fashioned but I thought that the point of a Parliamentary democracy is that debate consisted of proposals…

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