British public opinion has now decisively hardened against all forms of military attack on Syria

No bombs


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On the eve of the Trades Union Congress a YouGov poll showed that the British public now oppose missile attacks by more than three to one. This is substantially up from two to one before prime minister Cameron was humiliated in the Commons vote and is a defeat for the shameful attempt by Blairites to ramp up the war drive.

69% now oppose using British missiles against military sites inside Syria, while only 21% support.

Sending ‘defensive’ military aid to the insurgents is opposed by 62%, sending full-scale military supplies by 77%, up from 61%; and using British aircraft and missiles to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria is opposed by 50%, up from 42%.

The shift in public opinion is a decisive turning point in British politics, cementing public distrust of Western intentions in the Middle East and strengthening popular confidence that mass action can change government policy.


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