Tommy Robinson Arrested Again And The Reaction Is Hilarious…



The former so called English Defence League (EDL) leader has been arrested again – just five weeks after he was recalled to Peterborough prison.

It is yet unclear why the 32 year old has been arrested as Bedforshire Police are yet to make a statement. My guess is he will probably be released very soon.

Let’s take a look at the reaction of some people…

1. David Cameron got threatened by Andrew!

2. “Truthman” claims the Police is so “dirty” and “corrupt.” He must know if he’s the truth man.

3. Pete hopes they go deep and hard in his ass in Prison. No comment.

4. Who nicked Tom’s biscuits this afternoon?

5. Probably not Marco, but the two cheeks of the same ass might meet each other supposing Robinson is charged and imprisoned.

6. Jack also tweeted. Yes, Islam is taking over UK, you better hurry up and get…

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This is what our ‘news’papers do every day…


Agent of History

I have just read an email sent by a ‘contributing editor’ of The Sun newspaper who is looking for a particular someone. This person’s words speak for themselves so I’ll say no more. Here’s the email (anonymised, of course)…


I’m looking for a woman aged 35+ who used to be overweight and on disability living allowance due to weight related issues, but is now a healthy weight and employed. We”d like her to agree with the idea that overweight people SHOULD lose their benefits if they refuse treatment on the NHS (e.g. gastric band surgery, gym membership etc). We’d want her to talk about how having her benefits taken away would have given her the motivation to lose weight, and how great she feels now that she’s thin and supporting herself.

NB, this is an edict from on-high (the editor), not one of my making (in case anybody takes…

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