Jonathan Freedland thinks it’s time to call evil by it’s name – we agree

The ugly truth


The roll out of the latest terror atrocities continues in the western media – devoid of context and analysis, deeper questions or any sign of guiding intelligence. Just tabloid shock-horror, largely unsourced “personal stories” of tragedy or heroism, and lots and lots of fear porn.

“Planes evacuating holidaymakers began arriving back in Britain on Saturday” said the Guardian today, as if Tunisia were now a war zone. It’s not, it’s a place where one man (now dead) shot 39 people, and while it’s understandable people want to leave, they do not need to be “evacuated”.

While this “evacuation” is going on, of course, David Cameron is chairing a meeting of COBRA and saying things like this:

These savage terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France are a brutal and tragic reminder of the threat faced around the world from these evil terrorists.”

Well, savage? – yes. Brutal and tragic?…

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