New Labour are the Koka cola of modern socialism. #JeremyCorbyn can change that.

JC for PM

max j freeman

Corbyn Distinct from the orchestrated “We love Ed” campaigns. Actual voters, rather than activists, have managed to get Corbyn trending on social media.

In 1997 I was a 24 year old, jaded by 18 years of Tory rule, and like many, desperate for a change, any change in government. 

Though I was a socialist, (a creed to which I remain tied to this day, unfashionable though it may seem), I was keen to see the Labour party under Blair take government.  It seemed that the Tories at that time were not only ideologically unsound, but also unfit to rule even by their own poor standards.

I’d seen Kinnock begin the Machiavellian deconstruction of the principles of the Labour party which led to Blairs New Labour project, and like many, been fooled into believing that this was not a change in ethos, but a rebranding of a socialist party by stealth. 

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