I think Labour may be over

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I don’t say this lightly. It seems to me that Labour is about to make such a fundamental strategic flaw, it will make itself irrelevant for the next election, the one after that and, possibly, forever. I have seen this in Greece with PaSoK.

Simply put, Blair’s strategy would not be successful today. Attempting to emulate it will be disastrous. Blair worked from a completely different voting base: he knew he “had” most of the North, Wales, Scotland and a strong base of working class votes everywhere else. All he needed was a little help from the Home Counties; a little push from floating/undecided voters in the centre.

Labour today does not have most of that base any more. Its vote is under serious threat in all those areas. It is largely seen as having betrayed working people and this is being exploited by UKIP, SNP, even the Conservatives. It…

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Why the surprise? Here’s why the Independent supports the Tories:

independant oxymoron

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK press!)

A lot of people have expressed surprise that the so-called Independent newspaper has come out in support of another Tory/Lib Dem coalition

But there really is no surprise.

First of all, the chairman of Independent newspapers Evgeny Lebedev, is a big fan and friend of David Cameron.

Here he is meeting with Cameron a couple of months ago:

Meeting with David Cameron to discuss the Homeless Veterans campaign, as well as relations with Russia, and the election

And the person who decides on newspaper policy – the Group Content Editor of the Independent and Standard titles Chris Blackhurst – is the son of a Tory councillor and a big fan of the Tories.

Here he is just a few days ago in print praising the UK’s richest people and lambasting Ed Miliband at the same time:

Ed Miliband is wrong, our rich are job-creating innovators

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Supposedly ‘undecided’ BBCQT audience member set up company with Tory MP

All Tories are liars
Some are better at it

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the BBC!)

A supposedly undecided businesswoman in the BBCQT audience – who strongly attacked Ed Miliband – set up her company with a Tory MP and signed the dodgy letter supporting the Tory Party.

Catherine Shuttleworth told the press that she was undecided about who to vote for:

BBCQT bias

Which is a bit strange, seeing as Shuttleworth last week declared her support for the Tory Party in their dodgy business letter:

bbcqt bias 1

And even more interestingly, Ms Shuttleworth set up her company – Savvy Marketing – with Tory MP for Harrogate Andrew Hanson Jones:

BBCQT bias 2

BBCQT bias3


It’s starting to look suspiciously like the BBC has been hoodwinked into allowing a Tory Party plant in its BBCQT audience.


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