Cyber Debate Tips For The People’s Army!

ukip cleansed

Priory Of Saint Nige.

Each day, cyber-space hums to the key strokes of The Peoples Army, taking our country back pixel by pixel.

This guide aims to help you promote the epoch-making phenomena that is UKIP, our ideas and a leader to whom we pay special homage.

There are so many ways to evangelise for the new politics that this guide will be in 2 parts.

There’s no need to think for yourself too much. Just use elements of this guide, mantra-like. Pepper them round just about every forum, comments section, social media page and poll in existence.

Don’t worry about getting drawn into detailed policy discussion, that’s yesterday’s politics. Hit and run tends to me more effective.

  • Nearly all critique of the amazing UKIP can be brushed aside as “leftie smears”. Prefacing this jibe with the word “typical” is very effective.
  • The larger parties together are called “LibLabCon” This is original and witty…

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