A well-versed election? #GE2015

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bankers & inequality

History of class ruleOn the map of the world are countries
Which vary from huge to quite small;
Of the smallest of these, there is England
You can hardly see it at all.

Though the country itself is quite tiny
The people who live there think not;
Well, they believe they are bigger than others
Even though we all know this is rot.

Now Engerland once was all feudal
With royalty, lords and the rich
Ruling over the peasants and poorest
Which the people all thought was a bitch.

So in time, the people of England
Gave their country a bit of correction.
Instead of the royals & gentry
FireShot Pro Screen Capture #1337 - 'Media Lens - ‘Dark Omens’ And ‘Horror Shows’_ Scottish Independence, Power And Propaganda' - www_medialens_org_index_php_alerts_alert-archive_2014_774-dark-omens-and-horror-The people would rule by election.

This worked for a while in old England
When people all turned up to vote
But those who became politicians
Acquired a bad case of bloat.

Then the day came when people stopped voting
‘There’s no difference…

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Cyber Debate Tips For The People’s Army!

ukip cleansed

Priory Of Saint Nige.

Each day, cyber-space hums to the key strokes of The Peoples Army, taking our country back pixel by pixel.

This guide aims to help you promote the epoch-making phenomena that is UKIP, our ideas and a leader to whom we pay special homage.

There are so many ways to evangelise for the new politics that this guide will be in 2 parts.

There’s no need to think for yourself too much. Just use elements of this guide, mantra-like. Pepper them round just about every forum, comments section, social media page and poll in existence.

Don’t worry about getting drawn into detailed policy discussion, that’s yesterday’s politics. Hit and run tends to me more effective.

  • Nearly all critique of the amazing UKIP can be brushed aside as “leftie smears”. Prefacing this jibe with the word “typical” is very effective.
  • The larger parties together are called “LibLabCon” This is original and witty…

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“As I Please” Column for Tribune, March 2015: Why I’m So Bored With The Election

the foulest administration of my lifetime..echoed thoughts

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For a long time I tried to kid myself that this was literally a physical ailment. Throughout both my adult life and my career as a cartoonist, it has been standard for this country to have four year Parliaments; only twice between 1979 and 2010 did a parliament run its full five years, and that was solely because both Brown and Major knew they ere going to lose and so either wanted to milk the last drop of the ambrosia of power, or were waiting for a last-minute miracle to change their gory destiny. As a consequence, in both cases the last twelve months of those government evinced a kind of hideous, exquisitely horrible fascination. Which made my job fun. They, however, were the exceptions that proved the rule.

And so, I argued to myself, the reason I’ve felt considerably testier and grumpier than usual since last May is because…

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US Trains Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

US training Nazis



By Manlio Dinucci writing in Il Manifesto, Italian daily newspaper

Translated by Mark Burton

This spring the United States will begin training and arming the Ukrainian National Guard: this was officially confirmed by the European Command of the United States that stated that the program is part of the initiative of the Department of State to assist Ukraine in implementing “internal defense.”

The funding, already authorized by Congress, comes from a special fund from the Pentagon and the State Department to “provide training and equipment to foreign security forces,” so that “the partner countries may confront important challenges to the national  security of the United States.”

The training mission in Ukraine serves to “demonstrate US commitment to the security of the Black Sea and the value of the US forces deployed in forward positions.”

The units of the National Guard of Ukraine, according to rough estimates, number 45-50 thousand…

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