Britain must break with austerity, the EU and NATO

End of Austerity


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by John Foster

The current negotiations between the European Union and Greece are a stark reminder of the EU’s anti-democratic character.

The economically most powerful states in the EU are determined to assert the neoliberal predominance of Europe’s biggest monopolies and banks over the democratic will of the Greek people. It was this dominance that caused the economic crisis in the first place. It is now intensifying it.

This is the danger of Syriza’s commitment to the eurozone and its offer to run a 1.5 per cent budget surplus.

This would enable EU leaders to make limited concessions in order to secure a settlement which continues to erode the rights not just of the people of Greece but of working people across Europe.

The drive to reduce standards, enforce labour market “flexicurity” and eliminate “barriers to competition” will intensify.

On this front there is no difference between the predominance given…

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