Ken Loach: The need for a Left alternative

Ken Loach

Collaborative Media

Ken Loach 8We interviewed acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach (Kes, The Wind That Shakes the Barley) in the small attic office of his production company Sixteen Films. We discussed Left Unity, the new political party of the left that he supports.

The interests and struggles of the working classes has been a theme throughout all of Loach’s films. He spoke eloquently about the current political system driving inequality, increasing poverty and mentioned that it is, “exploiting the working classes by turning labour off and on like a tap”. Left Unity was formed as an attempt to address these inequalities and create a fairer society providing security in terms of housing, jobs and pensions.

The Labour Party was originally formed by Trade Unions to protect the interests of the workers. Loach’s documentary The Spirit of ’45 subtly illustrates how far the Labour Party’s ideology has shifted to the right since 1945. Loach…

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