Goodbye Moth Thatcher

a quick read..this is NOT


Yesterday in a matchstick box1 Moth Thatcher in a state of apoloysis2 lay, wrapped in faux heroism3, testing moral values4 in a haze of crushing Goalballs5 musak: Media’s6 Handel7, broken staff sobbing8, supplicating cronies9, Courtiers respect10. Not merely for blusher to grieve11, their motivations are not so clean12. Instead, it is shamenism13, an attempt at butterfly like regenesis14 – publically supporting victoryus orthodoxies15. Private japes16, quelling counter revolutions17, Hissing18 white noise19, more more Media distractions20 griping old totems21 vaunting for margins of appreciation22

The tail is wagging the dog23, proportional transparentcy24, led by a dogmatism25, managed26 through27 the age’s28 one sided pragmatism29. Not only do…

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