Cameron announces Britain ready to launch airstrikes against Syriza in Greece

Cameron on speed

Pride's Purge


Government sources have said that Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking parliament’s approval for Britain’s readiness to launch airstrikes against the new militant Syriza government in Greece.

The NATO decision to attack Greece would reportedly be at German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s request. Mr Cameron is due to meet the German leader today and sources in Cameron’s office have said that during the meeting, they are expecting Mrs Merkel to request British air strikes against the dug-in positions of the militant Syriza government.

Cameron is also set to deliver a speech before the UN General Assembly in New York, in which he is expected to call on the world to unite against the extremist left-wing group, which has taken control of Greece and whom the Prime Minister has warned is preparing to spread its dangerously militant ideology to other countries in Europe.

Mr Cameron told NBC News in an interview last night, “This is a fight…

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Thatcher funeral guest Bernard Ingham accuses Hillsborough relatives of being ‘contemptible’


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(not satire)

One of the invited guests at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral in London next Wednesday will be her former close colleague and chief press officer ‘Sir’ Bernard Ingham.

I’ve put his title in inverted commas because if I had my way he’d be stripped of it.

After all the title ‘sir’ is supposed to represent honour and respect and there’s nothing honourable or respectful about the way Ingham has over many years consistently abused the people who lost loved ones in such a tragic way in the Hillsborough disaster.

Recently, the Mirror revealed Ingham had sent a letter in 1996 to a Liverpool fan whose friend had died in the disaster in which he told grieving relatives that they should “shut up” about Hillsborough:

Hillsborough disaster ‘Shut up about Hillsborough’: Sir Bernard Ingham not sorry for blaming Liverpool ‘mob’ for deaths of the 96

And now yet another disgraceful letter sent by Ingham…

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Ministry of Justice:Flogging prison expertise to Saudi beheaders and floggers

flogging blogging is always wrong

Westminster Confidential

Chris Grayling: Selling British prison expertise to Saudi beheaders and floggers Chris Grayling: Selling British prison expertise to Saudi beheaders and floggers

The nasty and brutal punishment (1000 lashes) being meted out to Saudi blogger Raif Badawi is rightly being condemned by human rights groups across the world.

What may not be so well-known  is that the British government is currently negotiating to sell prison expertise to the  repressive Saudi judicial regime to make money in order to cut the deficit for the taxpayer.

The man championing this move is none other than Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, well-known for wanting to deny prisoners books and an enthusiastic backer of longer prison sentences and tough prison regimes.

Quietly he has set up a commercial arm of the Ministry of Justice called Just Solutions International. You can download a glossy brochure here.

Mr Grayling is passionate about this. At the launch of the social enterprise he said:

“We are leading…

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What About That Debt We “Need To Pay”, Gideon?

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

I was going to do a post on this about eight days ago but a couple of differentarticles got in the way.

Did anyone else notice this little announcement from George Osborne on the 8th of January? He was essentially endorsing a previous remark from Michael Gove, the Chief Drip… er, Whip, about how, by 2020, there should be a budget surplus in the public finances of about £23 billion. The hope appears to be that about £7 billion of this putative surplus could be used for a fresh round of tax cuts at the end of the next Parliament.

Now, the chances of this surplus really being there in five years’ time are extremely low, as it depends on there being no corresponding slowdown in the economy as a result of the spending cuts required (supposedly) to wipe out the deficit. If such a…

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Goodbye Moth Thatcher

a quick read..this is NOT


Yesterday in a matchstick box1 Moth Thatcher in a state of apoloysis2 lay, wrapped in faux heroism3, testing moral values4 in a haze of crushing Goalballs5 musak: Media’s6 Handel7, broken staff sobbing8, supplicating cronies9, Courtiers respect10. Not merely for blusher to grieve11, their motivations are not so clean12. Instead, it is shamenism13, an attempt at butterfly like regenesis14 – publically supporting victoryus orthodoxies15. Private japes16, quelling counter revolutions17, Hissing18 white noise19, more more Media distractions20 griping old totems21 vaunting for margins of appreciation22

The tail is wagging the dog23, proportional transparentcy24, led by a dogmatism25, managed26 through27 the age’s28 one sided pragmatism29. Not only do…

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At Last – An Admission That Bankruptcy Is Not A National Issue

Bankruptcy not a national issue

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

(Just a quick article to say, “I-told-you-so!” really.)

Last month, you may recall, I wrote out an explanation for why the constant terror the UK seems eternally embroiled in that the country is about to ‘become insolvent’ is unfounded. Basically, because the country has its own Central Bank that issues the very currency the Debt is composed of, the UK can’t go bankrupt unless the Government is stupid enough to apply to.

The interesting development today is that the minutes and documents of The Bank Of England’s activities at the height of the financial crisis from 2007-9 have been published.

Now, it’s always satisfying when the official line is contradicted by official evidence, so today I am grinning to myself. As the Guardian has highlighted in its summary of the documents, officials working in the Bank Of England do not noticeably endorse the aforementioned line that the country has been on the edge of bankruptcy for…

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Labour would end this Government’s demonisation of benefits claimants – Chi Onwurah MP

It’s our money

Politics and Insights

430847_149933881824335_1645102229_n (1)

This afternoon I will be leading a debate on the treatment – or more accurately the demonisation – of benefits claimants.

On my website I publish monthly pie charts of the issues constituents raise with me. Benefits is consistently in the top three.

Benefits claimants are by definition going through a tough time; they may have lost a job, have an illness or disability or are in low-paid or part time work, or they are caring for young children or relatives, making it harder to work.

They need our support, our care, concern for and understanding of the challenges they face. As our Shadow Secretary of State Rachel Reeves has said:“Jobcentres, and the HMRC offices that currently administer tax credits, are vital public services that British citizens pay for with their taxes. People who use them have as much right to expect fair and respectful treatment as patients in…

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