If you are a UKIP supporter, please eat in the corner..



Can’t resist tipping my hat – and propagating the story in the process – to the group ‘Women against UKIP‘, who created this fantastic poster, and to the CakeaDoodleDo cafe in Exeter, who put it up in their premises:

It put a smile on my face when, at least politically, there hasn’t been much to smile about. The story was picked up by the local paper, the Exeter Express and Echo and by Radio 4’s ‘The News Quiz’. You may already have seen it, but it’s worth another look.

Appallingly but unsurprisingly, this outstanding piece of humourous invention has led to threats of violence from UKIP supporters.

In a week when UKIP leader Nigel Farage, the right-wing, rich, privately-educated city banker who ludicrously styles himself as the man of the common people, saw his popularity ratings fall by a massive 14 points after saying that nursing mothers should…

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