Nigel Farage – A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing


Jennys Musings

Last night on BBC Question Time, Nigel Farage finally got what many would say was long overdue – taken down by former comedian turned activist, Russell Brand.

There sat Farage on the far right of the panel, adopting his ‘man of the people’ look, trying desperately to fend off the verbal punches being rained upon him by Brand.   It was a fight he was never going to win.   The audience cheered and applauded as Farage squirmed under Brand’s onslaught.   There was nothing Farage could do to save himself, even with the help of the two audience members who bravely stuck their neck out to defend him.

Why did Brand succeed where others had failed? It’s simple. He did not have the constraints or blinkers of the media.   He spoke from the heart, told it like it was and that is why Farage could not defend himself.   Indeed in his column…

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