“As I Please” Column for Tribune, 12th December 2014

rowson reasons again

Martin Rowson

Here’s a little Christmas present for you, a bit old, and not particularly practical, but it might be the closest you’ll get to any comfort and joy from our political masters this festive season.
It concerns a lunch I had, nearly two years ago, with David Davis, the former contender of the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Now, I’m not about to lurch rightwards, but I’ll confess that though I think most of his opinions stink, I like Davis (though naturally many Tories hate him). He’s very sound on civil liberties, gives a highly plausible impression of being something like a human being and has lived a full and rounded life: born to a single mother on a council estate, partially raised by his Commie grandad and worked for years in sugar. Plus he always greets me with apparent pleasure. Which are all good reasons for me to have invited…

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