#LetsTalkAbout Race; A white perspective on Challenging Rising Racism



Two articles in The Guardian caught my eye this week, the first considers a rush by Ofsted to tackle extremism in education as being “symptomatic of a political frenzy born of hatred“; the second is the editorial identifying “an overlooked report shows that employers trying to fill low-paid jobs draw migrants to the UK“.

Both of these posts allude to the current establishment revealing their true attitudes and apparently, despite the numerous changes to Law over of the past 50 or so years, the Elite along with I suggest many others, still hold Racist beliefs. Whilst this may not in itself seem shocking, I’d go so far to suggest it could with some work by us all, prove positive!

On the surface, this claim from a white woman may well seem plain wrong but please bear with me. I’ve argued for years that it’s so much easier to positively…

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Not Ed Miliband’s speech on immigration

head and heart speech

Paul Bernal's Blog

Now a lot of people have asked me how Labour should respond to UKIP.

I have thought about it a lot, and I tell you this: I will not cede the issue of immigration to those offering fear or falsehood.

I promise, we will listen to what people tell us on the doorstep. Not just if those people are called Gareth. We do listen. And we do understand. We hear many things that people say about immigration – and about many other things. About poverty. About jobs. About the cost of social security. About the NHS. About housing. And we understand when people seem to make links between immigration and those other things – but we have to be clear about whether those links are true or not. Where they are true, we have to be bold, and strong – but when they are not true, we have to be bold and…

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Dylan’s Progress – a series of drawings by Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson being jolly with Dickens

Martin Rowson

To mark Dylan Thomas’s centenary in 2014, I was commissioned to produce a series of cartoons on the life of the poet, which were then exhibited at Dylan’s Boathouse in Laugharne, the Ledbury Poetry Festival and at the Steam Cafe, Swansea as part of the Do Not Go Gently Festival, throughout 2014.

All the cartoons – apart from 2 already sold and the frontispiece – are for sale, and can be viewed below. All are A2 and are framed. If you are interested in purchasing any (or all) of them, please contact  Martin Rowson at martin.rowson1@ntlworld.com or Charles Mitchell in Laugharne at charles@pos-hardware.co.uk or on 01994427606.

Martin Rowson

November 2014

Dylan’s Progress – Frontispiece

DylansProgressfrontispieceresize Not for Sale

Dylan’s Progress Plate 1

Dylan_1 Indian Ink and white gouache on A2 Bristol Paper. Framed, £600 – sold

Dylan’s Progress Plate 2

Dylan_2resize Indian Ink and white gouache on A2 Bristol Paper. Framed, £600


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The “Forgotten Terrorists”, another piece of nonsense on the Times front page – Evan Harris

Times:- A disgrace

Inforrm's Blog

TimesThe main headline on the front page of yesterday’s Times tells us that “Terrorists are exploiting the ‘right to be forgotten’”. It is a striking headline and, like the Times’ front page story three weeks ago about the police using a “loophole to hack phones”, it is total nonsense.

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Welfare reform reinforces growing prejudice against disabled and unemployed, report finds



British society is becoming increasingly intolerant of unemployed and disabled people, according to academics at the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute (SPERI).

A study by the University of Sheffield has found there is a growing sense that unemployment is caused by individuals’ personal failings, rather than by structural problems in the economy.

People tend to believe that work is plentiful, and that unemployment was therefore a lifestyle choice, rather than an imposition, and that poverty therefore results from moral deficiencies.

The research also highlighted an alarming intolerance towards disabled people, with participants questioning the legitimacy of benefits for disabled people deemed incapable of working.

It is clear that the derogatory term ‘chav’ remains in popular usage. Middle class research participants tended to identify and condemn ‘chav’ culture so as to validate and re-affirm their own superior social position. Working class respondents were more likely to identify and…

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food for thought-the penny is mightier than the sword



For those who are not happy with the system

The system is controlled by corporations & banks

Some ways to fight the corporations

Stop buying from them!

Stop buying from Supermarkets

Use Small traders  & Street markets

Use Wholesale food markets

Grow your own food

Join Food Growing Co Ops

Join Food Buying Co Ops (form a group and buy bulk -save money)

Some good sources are on this first link page (UK)


How to set up a Food Growing Co Op


My way of protesting has been

no car

no TV so no license fee to the BBC ,i use internet only,bought a refurbished system-hard drive connected to screen with wireless keyboard ,a mobile broadband dongle PAYG- put £10 credit on then sign up to Samba mobile,you get credits by running ads (I run them in a new tab while online)then you can alternate sim cards so…

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