No No, Tories. A Plan That Works Is One Where The Outcomes Approximately Match The Aims

Gideon, IDS get it, in the neck

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The British Coalition Government has attacked so much it seems incredible that they still had any new targets left by the start of this year. They’ve attacked the unemployed, they’ve attacked the disabled, they’ve attacked women, they’ve attacked asylum seekers, they’ve attacked the European Union – all the predictable scapegoats for any administration led by the Conservative Party. But throughout this year, a new phantom ‘enemy of decent society’ has been assailed by waves of Tory hatred. That helpless enemy goes by the name of ‘reality’. Reality is now under Government attack.

The two chief perpetrators of this brutal assault on the dimensional planes of the physical Universe are Iain ‘IDS’ Duncan-Smith, the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, and George Gideon Osborne, the Chancellor Of The Exchequer and Second Lord Of The Treasury.

IDS has been hunting with a particular zeal any and all traces of reality that…

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