Osborne & His Austerity Program Have Been A Total Failure, Not A Partial One.

excellent austerity

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by Martin Odoni

The United Kingdom has had a little over a year of economic growth. The Conservative Party has spent that spell in the throes of loud and nauseating self-congratulation, the loudest and ‘nauseating-est’ being reserved for the Chancellor Of The Exchequer, George Osborne.

As I detailed previously, Osborne’s program for repairing the economy after the banking crisis of 2008 has been composed of self-defeating policies collectively titled ‘Austerity’. Realistically, this label is just an early-Twentieth-Century title for old-style Conservative Party abandonment of the poor and needy. The term is used to make it sound like a wise and sound approach to managing the economy, rather than what it really is – pandering to the greed of people who already have more than they are ever likely to need in their entire lifetimes.

Now let us be very clear about this, Osborne’s Austerity policies have been an abject…

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