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MR BIGOTs Halloween cover

Mr Bigot liked Halloween.

It was one of his favourite celebrations. Mr Bigot liked scaring people – it was one of his favourite activities. Only that morning he’d tried to scare all the listeners to a radio programme about how all those nasty immigrants were coming over here to take their jobs, to claim huge amounts of money in benefits, to destroy their health service, fill their schools, and much, much more. Just like every other morning.

Oh yes, Mr Bigot liked Halloween a lot. And this Halloween was going to be particularly special. UKIP had organised a very special party. Mr Bigot was really looking forward to it.

He didn’t really need a costume. He was scary enough as it was – and he knew it. Just a set of fangs and a cloak would do. He could put on a Romanian accent – everyone knew Romanians were scary…

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My thoughts on TUC letting UKIP know to keep their mitts off our trade unions rights


Here something to remember about UKIP:

Let’s face some home truths, be frank and honest with ourselves when trade unions put some questions to UKIP members and their leadership what are their policies regards to a well-established trade unions and trade movement at large most of UKIP membership and their great leader are clueless on what their basic policies are on trade unions rights let alone to give a position on it.

chuSince the formation of UKIP all they are concerned about is out of European Parliament, stopping immigrants entering the UK and they want a referendum now. Err hello welcome to Cloud coo land they seem to forget it was the trade unions who fought tooth and nail to secure trade union rights to be recognised both in Europe and UK via Labour MEPs which a Labour Government has delivered and many trade unions members have benefited so why…

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Beards & Books: Thomas S Gowing, The Philosophy of Beards, British Library 2014 (1854)


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Beards and Books: Thomas S Gowing, The Philosophy of Beards, British Library 2014 (1854)

Beards are, at least in some areas and amongst certain types of people, in fashion.

We live in a market capitalist system so when a trend is identified before long things start to appear which can exploit it in various ways.

You might argue that this is a bad thing as such but when it comes to beards it is actually mostly harmless since a beard can happily exist without the need to spend any money on it all, unless you want to.

Probably the most obvious beard products are those that relate to the grooming of the beard- beard oils and so on. Personally I prefer the occasional dipping of the beard in a glass of imperial stout which achieves much the same impact but at rather lower cost.

However, perhaps particularly with Xmas in…

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No No, Tories. A Plan That Works Is One Where The Outcomes Approximately Match The Aims

Gideon, IDS get it, in the neck

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The British Coalition Government has attacked so much it seems incredible that they still had any new targets left by the start of this year. They’ve attacked the unemployed, they’ve attacked the disabled, they’ve attacked women, they’ve attacked asylum seekers, they’ve attacked the European Union – all the predictable scapegoats for any administration led by the Conservative Party. But throughout this year, a new phantom ‘enemy of decent society’ has been assailed by waves of Tory hatred. That helpless enemy goes by the name of ‘reality’. Reality is now under Government attack.

The two chief perpetrators of this brutal assault on the dimensional planes of the physical Universe are Iain ‘IDS’ Duncan-Smith, the Secretary of State for Work & Pensions, and George Gideon Osborne, the Chancellor Of The Exchequer and Second Lord Of The Treasury.

IDS has been hunting with a particular zeal any and all traces of reality that…

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Osborne & His Austerity Program Have Been A Total Failure, Not A Partial One.

excellent austerity

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

The United Kingdom has had a little over a year of economic growth. The Conservative Party has spent that spell in the throes of loud and nauseating self-congratulation, the loudest and ‘nauseating-est’ being reserved for the Chancellor Of The Exchequer, George Osborne.

As I detailed previously, Osborne’s program for repairing the economy after the banking crisis of 2008 has been composed of self-defeating policies collectively titled ‘Austerity’. Realistically, this label is just an early-Twentieth-Century title for old-style Conservative Party abandonment of the poor and needy. The term is used to make it sound like a wise and sound approach to managing the economy, rather than what it really is – pandering to the greed of people who already have more than they are ever likely to need in their entire lifetimes.

Now let us be very clear about this, Osborne’s Austerity policies have been an abject…

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The Sun’s aggressive, then submissive, response to my complaint on its human rights reporting

Human Rights The Sun

UK Human Rights Blog

BxuWgJ_IYAAawwN.jpg-largeThe Sun have printed another correction today in relation to its misleading human rights reporting. The correction, on page 2, can be read online or to the right of this post.

The correction was the outcome of a complaint I made about this article – I posted on it here. The main part of the correction relates to the entirely false claim that “The European Court stopped a British judge imposing a whole-life tariff on Ian McLoughlin”. The reality is that although judges were unsure whether they could impose the orders following Vinter v UK in the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Appeal clarified in February 2014 that they definitely could. The Sun have now admitted that was the case.

I am happy that the correction has been made although as I have said before, the damage has to a large extent been done as – let’s be…

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