Unleash Your Inner Creativity in 5 Easy Steps! by Tesco Accounts Dept

Pride's Purge


Need help in unleashing your inner creativity?

Would you like to be more inventive?

Then help is at hand!

Here are 6 PROVEN techniques provided by the creative experts in TESCO’s famously imaginative ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT to help you put more innovation, creativity and inventiveness into your daily accounting:

1) Let your imagination run riot – when it comes to facts and figures

2) Think outside the box – especially the one marked earnings!

3) Be inventive – when asked to explain your accounts

4) Try seeing things from another perspective – preferably a made up one

5) Indulge your fantasies – by making everything up

6) Don’t be afraid of breaking rules  – especially the ones issued by the financial regulatory authorities

7) Don’t put limits on yourself – by sticking to the law

8) Be as innovative as possible – in finding ways to swindle your investors!


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