Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

It’s always a delight to witness my journalistic colleagues take something and beat it into a cliche before flogging it to death. Thus it has transpired that, across the political spectrum of the commentariat, it is now a truism that, after this week’s referendum on Scottish Independence, whatever the result “nothing will ever be the same again”.

Now, you have the advantage of me here, as you’re almost certainly reading this after the result comes in, while I’m writing it beforehand. It’s possible you may all be able to join hands and send me news from five days in the future back to my own time, but I doubt it. I also doubt that that portentous phrase – “NOTHING – WILL – EVER – BE – THE – SAME – AGAIN-AIN-AIN-AIN-AIN!!!!!” – will quite live up to its promise. It’s unlikely, after all, that as the Scottish polls close EVERYTHING…

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