Martin Rowson THE satirist

Martin Rowson

Here’s the text of the address I gave at Goldsmiths College yesterday at the graduation ceremony, when they made me an honorary fellow.

Chair of Council, Warden, hononary guests, members of faculty, fellow graduands, Professor Downie – thank you for admitting me, albeit without much effort on my part, to the Goldsmith’s fellowship. I salute you and, moreover, congratulate you on your bravery and recklessness in bestowing such an honour on a satirist.

Because, as a satirist, it is unfortunately my professional duty as well my personal instinct not only to say things best left unsaid in polite society, but also, always, to lower the tone.

Which means that, while I can’t stop myself, I’m hideously aware that I really shouldn’t say that while all you graduates have my sincere respect and congratulations on receiving your proper degrees, you also have my deepest sympathies.

I shouldn’t, today of all days…

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