Tory conference delegate celebrates austerity by tweeting bottle of Bollinger


Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

At their party conference this week, the Tories have announced the need for yet more radical austerity and belt-tightening measures – especially for the country’s working poor.

And Tory party delegates celebrated the news of yet more hardship for millions of their fellow citizens in their usual way:

duffy bollinger

Isaac – the young Tory who tweeted his jolly bottle of conference Bolly – is up and coming in the Tory Party:

duffy tory

He’s regional chairman of the Young Conservatives (now known as Conservative Future) – and he’s fully endorsed by leading members of the party:



In fact, the rise of young Conservatives like Isaac shows the Tories are managing to line up another whole generation of Bollinger-quaffing out-of-touch posh boys to take over the leadership of the party from Cameron, Osborne and Boris once they’ve retired to their country estates and the House of Lords.


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Labour Party media release – Reeves: We’ll Uphold The ‘Principles Of Our Welfare State’

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430835_148211001996623_1337599952_n (1)

Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary said in her speech to Labour’s Annual Conference:

“Just think conference, it could be less than a year left for the Bedroom Tax.

Because the very first thing I will do if I am Secretary of State for Work and Pensions next May is repeal it.

It’s unfair, it’s unworkable, and it’s on its way out – across the whole of the United Kingdom. Scrapped, binned, axed, abolished, put out of its misery, consigned to the history books.

And that day can’t come soon enough.

And for those Liberal Democrats who now say they’re against it too – we will see how serious they are when Parliament returns. Because we will call a vote on the Bedroom Tax. Today I have written to Nick Clegg to urge him to do the right thing and vote with us – not to water it…

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There is no such thing as an ‘England-only’ issue..

No England-only issues


Much talk continues in the media of the ‘inevitability’ and supposed fairness of ‘English devolution’ – which is nothing more than a cynical Tory attempt to neutralise the 58 out of 59 Scottish MPs who are not Tories, preventing them from hindering the Right’s plans to further strip away vital supports from vulnerable and ordinary people and making it far harder for a Labour government to achieve good in government or resist Tory predations in opposition.

The purported logic behind this effective coup is that, if the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the right to decide issues such as health and education spending and (in the case of Scotland) to raise revenues, ‘then it’s only right’ that English people have the ‘freedom’ to decide on so-called ‘England only’ matters.

But this is a complete red herring, because there is no such thing as an ‘England only’ issue.

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Tory MPs turn crackpot and adopt crackpot BNP policy on English Parliament

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

The biggest supporters of an English parliament used to be the far-right skinheads of the neo-nazi British National Party and the equally crackpot English Democrats.

Here’s a quote taken from a BNP leaflet called ‘The Need For An English Parliament‘:

"Our party believes that England 
should have its own Parliament. This 
straightforward constitutional policy 
motion was debated and passed by a 
substantial majority at the BNP's 
Annual Conference in Blackpool last 

And here’s how crackpot the English Democrats are:

Could this be the worst party political broadcast ever?

But now some Tories – such as Tory MP Graham Brady – are openly calling for exactly the same policy as the BNP and the English Democrats.

Brady’s no outcast. He’s chair of the powerful Tory 1922 Committee. And Cameron has invited Brady to Chequers to discuss the idea of an English parliament with him tomorrow.

Not long ago…

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Unleash Your Inner Creativity in 5 Easy Steps! by Tesco Accounts Dept

Pride's Purge


Need help in unleashing your inner creativity?

Would you like to be more inventive?

Then help is at hand!

Here are 6 PROVEN techniques provided by the creative experts in TESCO’s famously imaginative ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT to help you put more innovation, creativity and inventiveness into your daily accounting:

1) Let your imagination run riot – when it comes to facts and figures

2) Think outside the box – especially the one marked earnings!

3) Be inventive – when asked to explain your accounts

4) Try seeing things from another perspective – preferably a made up one

5) Indulge your fantasies – by making everything up

6) Don’t be afraid of breaking rules  – especially the ones issued by the financial regulatory authorities

7) Don’t put limits on yourself – by sticking to the law

8) Be as innovative as possible – in finding ways to swindle your investors!


For more information on…

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Martin Rowson

Martin Rowson

It’s always a delight to witness my journalistic colleagues take something and beat it into a cliche before flogging it to death. Thus it has transpired that, across the political spectrum of the commentariat, it is now a truism that, after this week’s referendum on Scottish Independence, whatever the result “nothing will ever be the same again”.

Now, you have the advantage of me here, as you’re almost certainly reading this after the result comes in, while I’m writing it beforehand. It’s possible you may all be able to join hands and send me news from five days in the future back to my own time, but I doubt it. I also doubt that that portentous phrase – “NOTHING – WILL – EVER – BE – THE – SAME – AGAIN-AIN-AIN-AIN-AIN!!!!!” – will quite live up to its promise. It’s unlikely, after all, that as the Scottish polls close EVERYTHING…

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