PIE – documentary evidence 2 – from Magpie 1-8 (trigger warning – contains disturbing material)

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[NOTE OF WARNING: In absolutely no sense whatsoever does the printing of the below material constitute any type of endorsement; in fact the very reverse]

Many people have sought to suggest that PIE was a minor organisation of no particular significance. As promised in my previous post, I will write a proper extended post on the organisation and its history (and ideology) later; but as time is limited at the moment, I propose simply to copy without comment (comment will come in that later post) a series of writings from and some information about Magpie: The Journal of the Paedophile Information Exchange, of which seventeen issues were produced from March 1977 to Summer 1982. These should give an idea of what the organisation was saying quite openly, and should leave no doubt that it was far from harmless.

Issue No. 1, March 1977

‘‘Magpie aims to provide paedophiles with…

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The austere roots of Nazism and fascism

A worthy read

Revolting Europe

Europe today is facing, on the one hand, the rise of  “apolitical” technocratism, and on the other, right-wing authoritarian government. The Continent needs a democratic alternative, or else we are heading towards a disaster that will bring enormous suffering to the popular classes in the name of the ruling financial and economic elites, says Vincent Navarro

One of the myths that have been peddled frequently in economic literature seeking to explain the economic depression in continental Europe in the early twentieth century has been that high inflation in Germany created such a mess in their economy that it led to the electoral victory of Hitler and Nazism. It is said and repeated constantly (and mistakenly) that the German population has a pathological fear of inflation, because they remember that it was this (ie, high inflation) that brought Hitler upon them. Even Ms. Merkel has cited this theory to justify the austerity…

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