‘Best possible deal’ is as meaningless as ‘Brexit means Brexit’

Brexit means BREXIT means RedWhiteAndBlueBrexit means BestPossibleDealBrexit
And more platitudes Maybe?


So, Theresa May has finally said something intelligible about her intentions regarding the UK’s departure from the EU. It’s not much – and will be economically damaging – but at least her announcement that immigration controls trump (pun intended) full free market access is less nebulous than the dross she’s been doling out so far.

However, ‘habits mean habits’, so it only took seconds for something equally meaningless to become the latest soundbite: the ‘best possible deal’.

The problem is that ‘best possible’ might mean ‘absolute crap’, if absolute crap is the best you can get. And it’s likely to be.

may turd.pngThis author has seen a number of films – it’s a fairly common device – in which someone if, for example, being engulfed in flames and someone puts a bullet in them to bring a ‘merciful’ end to their suffering.

Being shot in the head is crap – but…

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Brexit Wounds

…”winning entry could be brought to life by Dermot Bannon, in a cacophony of crayon and concrete; the entire block tastefully rimmed with barbed wire”


I might be in the minority here, but I’m not sure this Brexit thing is going to be all that bad for Ireland. You only have to listen to “The New Iron Lady”, Theresa May’s speech to hear the opportunities for us.

Even casual observers can see a border wall (just on the edge of the horizon) as a boon for struggling developers. If Irish planning efficiency has taught us anything, it’s that we can get at least fifteen construction tenders, twenty obscenely expensive architectural designs and a decade or more out of the planning process?

We could have petrol stations running kids colouring competitions; draw your own border checkpoint. The winning entry could be brought to life by Dermot Bannon, in a cacophony of crayon and concrete; the entire block tastefully rimmed with barbed wire. I’m sure some minor celebrity could cut the ribbon in exchange for dual citizenship?

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UKIP’s Paul Nuttall on video ‘committing unforgivable sin’ #Hillsborough

Paul Nuttall=’DID’
“Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental disorder characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately show in a person’s behavior, accompanied by memory impairment for important …”
(As a guess, Sid)


New(ish) UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has been on the hook a couple of times recently for allegedly exaggerating the truth (or telling outright porkies, depending what you make of his excuses).

He was challenged on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show last month over claims that he had a PHD from an institution that was not able to award them when he claimed to have been there – and that he claimed to have played professional football for Tranmere Rovers, when this was proven not to be the case.

Mr Nuttall backtracked from these exaggerations by claiming that the PHD had been claimed on a Linkedin page that did not belong to him and from the Tranmere claim on the basis that he had played for the club’s youth team and had never claimed to have played for them professionally.

He was alsoridiculedin the press in 2015 for appearing in…

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Corbyn’s Brexit surprise is a leadership masterstroke and masterclass

May valid? HellYes


corbyn-masterclassOn Tuesday 10 Jan 2017, Jeremy Corbyn will deliver a speech in the marginal, Tory-held, strongly pro-Brexit constituency of Peterborough, in which he will outline his vision for the UK’s impending exit from the European Union.

Corbyn will tell his audience and those watching or reading via the media that Labour wants ‘managed migration‘ and to repatriate powers from Brussels to be able to intervene when necessary in struggling industries.

He will also outline his positive vision for a post-Brexit Britain that can be better off than it was as an EU country. In this he has already started, and will continue, to draw fire from strongly pro-Remain right-wingers in the Labour party – but in fact this speech represents both a masterstroke and a masterclass in real leadership and political intelligence.

In one speech, he is putting all of his opponents on the back foot and

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January’s Socialist Voice is out!

Yes, we are strong together


Layout 1

The January issue of Socialist Voice is out now

Contents include


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Wallasey vice-Chair under expulsion threat – for refuting false allegations

KEEP SILENT-Or else!!!!!!


The awful, shameful saga of the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) drags on. After months of suspension on the basis of discreditedallegations and demonstrably false smears, the CLP remains suspended.

The CLP’s executive – made up of pro-Corbyn members who, not very coincidentally, were elected just before the false allegations results in the CLP being suspended by the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) – produced a detailed report of its own to demonstrate the falsity of the accusations against it. The response of the General Secretary? To investigate the CLP for writing it.

pd2.pngWallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies

Now it appears that Paul Davies, the CLP’s elected vice-Chair and one of the main authors of the report – who is not the SKWAWKBOX’s source for this information – faces disciplinary hearing for writing the report and contesting the allegations, on the grounds that this constitutes

a sustained…

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