‘Odd couples’ article misses point – shows Establishment still rattled by Pidcock

Source: ‘Odd couples’ article misses point – shows Establishment still rattled by Pidcock


‘Odd couples’ article misses point – shows Establishment still rattled by Pidcock


A Gaby Hinsliff article in today’s Observer lists a number of supposedly-unlikely parliamentary ‘odd couples’ under the emetic title:

observ.pngThe piece amounts to little more than a barely-veiled attack on Labour MP Laura Pidcock, who shook the Establishment with her SKWAWKBOX interview in August, in which she expressed her hatred for Tory policies and her lack of interest in letting Parliament’s ‘clubby’ atmosphere change her opinion of the Tory MPs who pass them: the enemy of her constituents.

The impact of that interview – termed by one right-winger ‘the interview that launched a thousand comment-pieces‘ – is still being felt. The depth of the shock-wave it created could be perceived in the avalanche of attacks on Ms Pidcock by Establishment journalists and politicians.

Ms Hinsliff’s article has been published, coincidentally or otherwise, on the same weekend that Laura Pidcock, in an interview with Owen Jones, reaffirmed  her…

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Williamson’s latest video demolishes Tory ‘economic competence’


Labour MP Chris Williamson has set a laudable precedent with his ‘Week in Westminster’ series of videos to inform his constituents and others what’s happening in Parliament.

With liberal doses of humour, sarcasm and music, Williamson has dismantled Tory claims and spotlighted Tory wrongs and screw-ups – and in this week’s offering, he points out the demolition of the myth of Conservative ‘economic competence’.

By no less an Establishment entity than the International Monetary Fund (IMF), as well as by the OBR (Office for Budgetary Responsibility) that the Tories set up:

Watch and share – it will be three and a half minutes of your time well spent.

The SKWAWKBOX needs your support. This blog is provided free of charge but depends on the generosity…

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MSM assistant editor lets slip the truth about mainstream journalism


knew it.pngYou already knew – but now it’s confirmed

This morning, the SKWAWKBOX published a follow-up to our August interview with Laura Pidcock, the Labour MP for North-West Durham. In that initial interview – which was termed by one right-wing outlet ‘the interview that launched a thousand comment pieces‘ – Ms P stated that she had no intention of befriending Tory MPs as their policies were wrecking the lives of her constituents. And in an interview released today, she maintained that attitude – and quite right too.

But in the background preparation for this morning’s piece, I came across one of the ‘thousand comment pieces’ – ironically, one that bemoaned the fact of the comment pieces – by the ‘i‘s ‘Assistant Comment Editor’ Eleanor Doughty, titled:

“It’s essential to have friends of all political persuasions.”

Ms Doughty, by her own description a right-winger, manages to miss the…

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Ed Miliband hasn’t ruled out a return to frontline politics — Metro

Ed Miliband speaking on BBC’s Political Thinking podcast (Picture: BBC)Ed Miliband could be making a comeback to frontline politics. The former Labour Party leader admitted he was interested in being in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet during an interview on BBC’s Political Thinking podcast. Mr Miliband retreated to the backbenches after he lost to Conservative leader…

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